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President Mas: "This government must be decisive, permanently open to dialogue and true to its word"

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President Mas: "This government must be decisive, permanently open to dialogue and true to its word"

· The head of the Catalan government assures that the new cabinet “kicks off with political muscle, without loosing neither quality nor effectiveness”
· Artur Mas stresses that the three main challenges of the new government are “to get the economy back on its feet, maintain social cohesion and consult the Catalan people so we can decide our collective future”
The new Catalan cabinet
The new Catalan cabinet
The Catalan president, Artur Mas, declared this afternoon, when the new cabinet took office, that “this should be a government of permanent dialogue and true to its word, and not one of quarrels and shouting”. In this respect he asked for dalogue both within and outside Catalonia, and argued that “it is necessary to maintain an institutional dialogue with the Spanish central government, regardless of the many ideological and programmatic differences we may have”. “Dialogue and words should always prevail”, he concluded.
The President launched this message after the twelve members of the new Catalan cabinet, together with the Government Secretary, took office during an institutional ceremony in Sant Jordi’s Hall at the Palau de la Generalitat (Presidential Palace).
Artur Mas reminded that the new government will face three major challenges. On the one hand, “getting the economy back on its feet” and revert “the tendency towards recession and the lack of jobs”; on the other hand, “maintain social cohesion” as this is, according to the President, “a fundamental treasure we must preserve”. And finally, “to consult the Catalan people so we can decide freely and pacifically which should be our collective future”.
To meet these challenges, President Mas proposed a “decisive government, able to make decisions, and therefore not just one of words, but also of action”, and suggested to follow the example of the previous government in being “trustworthy and transparent, telling the truth from day one”.
He also asked the new government “to be demanding of itself and humble in its actions”, because the current situation exceeds the capacities of any leadership. He also asked it to be “sensitive to the increasing hardship of a large part of the population”.
“This government kicks off with political muscle, because this is what the present times require, but we must not loose an ounce of quality or effectiveness”, the President stated. In this respect, Artur Mas pointed out that both aspects should go together, which is why he asked the new cabinet members to keep “alive the flame of hope, confidence, ambition and commitment”.
Recognition of an effective government
Once the members of the new cabinet had been sworn in, the President expressed his sincere gratitude to the members of the previous government, for their “unlimited dedication”, “absolute commitment”, and “effective government”, which “resolved much more problems than it may have created”. Artur Mas praised the work of the entire cabinet and observed that this was made possible by “a strong internal cohesion and a good atmosphere”, two characteristics he hoped would continue to facilitate everyday governance.
After thanking the outgoing members of cabinet, he welcomed the new members stressing that  what is needed now “is most of all to make every possible effort, to work with dedication and try to achieve our targets”. In this respect, the President warned that during the next years there would be many hurdles and obstacles to take, although he observed that “there are possibilities to overcome them, and succesfully at that”.
The following are the members of the new cabinet who took office today:
Joana Ortega, Vice-President and minister of Governance and Institutional Relations
Francesc Homs, minister of the Presidency
Andreu Mas-Colell, minister of Economic Affairs and Science
Irene Rigau, minister of Education
Boi Ruiz, minister of Health
Ramon Espadaler, minister of the Interior
Santi Vila, minister of Spatial Planning and Sustainability
Ferran Mascarell, minister of Culture
Josep Maria Pelegrí, minister of Agriculture, Livestock Industry, Fisheries, Food and the Environment
Neus Munté, minister for Welfare and Family
Felip Puig, minister for Industry and Employment
Germà Gordó, minister of Justice
Jordi Baiget, Government Secretary



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